Airbrush Artist Day 2017: First international Airbrushing Celebration Day

Artists and airbrush businesses from all over the world are invited to celebrate the first „Airbrush Artist Day“, the international celebration day for the art of airbrushing. „Be part of this passion called airbrushing!“ is the motto of that celebration day where events, exhibitions, artist meetings as well as special promotions all about the airbrush device shall take place. Artists are invited to present and share their art as well as demonstrate the airbrush technique – either in their own studio, in workshops, in the media or in social networks.


The idea was founded by a group of enthusiatic airbrush artists from South America. The date and the foundation oft he Airbrush Artist Day was generated by US artist Gerald Mendez and his British colleague Andrew Penaluna: In old documents fort he history oft he airbrush technique, they found that the name ‚Air Brush‘ was born and first documented in Rockford, Illinois, USA on October 6, 1883. The entrepreneurs Charles and Liberty Walkup started producing their young product in their renamed business called „Air Brush Manufacturing Company“.


The European Airbrush Association, Airbrush-Fachverband e.V., supports the „Airbrush Artist Day“ with diverse PR and marketing activities and encouraged its members, abount 80 companies and artists from the airbrush industry, to join the celebration day. Artists and airbrush users will be notified with flyers on shows and exhibitions in August and September. Also, at the Airbrush Expo taking place at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel art and crafts show in Leipzig on September 30, a huge 6 part airbrush artwork will be designed about the topic of the „Airbrush Artist Day“. The speical interest magazine „Airbrush Step by Step“ has also launched a facebook page for sharing information, ideas and activities all around the „Airbrush Artist Day“.


So if you are interested in airbrush art and technique, you should open your eyes on October 6, being aware of airbrush art, promotions and activities. Further information can be found on the internet at or in social networks using #airbrushartistday.