Airbrush contest „Painting LEGO®“: Vote for your favorite artwork!

For about 6 weeks, the members of Airbrush-Fachverbandes e.V. have painted small artworks with the airbrush on LEGO tiles, measuring only a few centimeters, to participate at the contest „Painting LEGO®“, launched by Airbrush-Fachverband e.V. The topic: LEGO, of course – in all its varieties, that the artists could imagine.

The results are now on display on the website By online voting, everyone can vote for his/her favorite artwork until October 20, 2019. The best three will be awarded with a „Build an airbrush“ voucher from Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush as well as 30 rep. 50 Euro shopping vouchers, sponsored by Tropical Airbrush and Airbrush-City.

Until end of September, the 14 contest artworks plus a few more will be mounted into a scale museum building made of LEGO bricks by Kerstin Walker from Leipzig, member of LEGO modeling association LBrick. The model will be exhibited at the Skaerbaek Fan weekend in Denmark (largest fan meeting with 800 participants from 30 countries) on September 28/29, Modell-Hobby-Spiel fair in Leipzig/Germany and other expositions. At these two exhibitions, visitors can also vote by ballot. The winners will be announced by beginning of November.