Airbrush-Fachverband supports Germany’s largest airbrush show

The popular exhibition „Fantasy World of Airbrush“ show in Grefrath/Germany (close to the Dutch border) takes place on August 24/25, 2019, showcasing the work of 65 arists from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden. From human and animal portraits, illustration, body painting to automotive art, the whole range of airbrush art can be discovered. Especially car and bike fans will not only love the airbrush show, but also the US Car and Bike show which takes place outside the ice rink hall, providing more than a congenial framework.

If you are also into airbrushing or at least interested to start, you can gain lots of inspiration and tips from the exhibiting artists, but also get your hands on a huge range of supplies, provided by several airbrush supply stores and companies such as the association members AirbrushSchult, Createx and Airbrush Step by Step magazine. Information and consulting will also be available at the booth of the European airbrush association, Airbrush-Fachverband e.V., which has been supporting the event for recent years.

The event taking place at the ice rink in Grefrath/Germany is open from 10-18h on both event days. The entrance fee including both shows is 10 Euro.

The leaflet of the sho including all exhibiting artists can be downloaded here.