Members project and contest: Airbrush-Lego-Museum


Creating a Lego building as a museum, in which airbrush artworks are exhibited. Artworks will be painted exclusively by Airbrush-Fachverband members.

Project Partner:

LBrick e.V., Lego modelling association from Leipzig, part of the Lego Ambassador Network,

Lego building:
Building with one or two open sides to look inside. Restrained design, staggered levels and walls, turn table. One car or sculture as „artwork“, Lego plates with airbrushed artworks on the walls. Mostly white building, also visitor models, in order to make the artworks stand out, suitable lighting

Airbrush surface:
Flat Lego plates in the sizes 4,5 x 4,5 cm and 6 x 12 cm (provided for free by LBrick). Probably one object to be painted (statue, car or similar built from Lego)

Topic of artworks:
Lego related motif by choice, for example scenes from the Lego movies or Lego promotion (Ninjago, Friends etc.), painting of Lego buildings and bricks, also in other contexts or adaption of famous artworks to the Lego topic.

Presentation of the building and artworks:
Modell-Hobby-Spiel 2019 as well as other national and international Lego exhibitions, i.e. main Lego meeting in Billund/Denmark, reports in Lego, modelling and further media.

Rights and ownership of artworks:
The artworks will be owned by the LBrick association and will be on display and shown as described. The artworks won’t be sold. They may be auctionned for a good cause after the exhibition period (depending on demand). Artists confirm to these conditions with submitting an artwork. A written notice will be provided when shipping the Lego plates.

Artist credits:
Artist profile / description will be part of the exhibition object at all events and reports.

All artworks will be shown on a wbsite of Airbrush-Fachverband. Anouncement in Airbrush Step by Step magazine and Facebook. Readers / Users voting of the best 3 artworks (maybe also public voting at Modell-Hobby-Spiel), special feature of the winners at exhibitons and within communication, certificate and prizes.

Shipping of Lego plates until end of June
Submission of painted and clear coated artworks until beginning of September
Contest voting in October 2019

For members only! Apply now!

Application deadline: June 15, 2019

Date of information: May 27, 2019


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