Painting LEGO®

Contest project of Airbrush-Fachverband e.V
Creating an airbrush museum from LEGO bricks

Artworks from the contest painted on LEGO tiles, created by the members of Airbrush-Fachverbandes e.V. (photo composing)

Creating a LEGO building as a museum / art gallery, in which airbrush artworks are exhibited. Artworks are painted exclusively by Airbrush-Fachverband members.

Project Partner:
LBrick e.V., LEGO modelling association from Leipzig, part of the Lego Ambassador Network,

Lego building:
Building with one or two open sides to look inside. Restrained design, staggered levels and walls, turn table. One car or sculture as „artwork“, LEGO tiles with airbrushed artworks on the walls. Mostly white building, also visitor models, in order to make the artworks stand out, suitable lighting

Airbrush artworks:
Each participant can submit up to 4 painted LEGO tiles (square ca. 4.5 x 4.5 cm or rectangle 6 x 12 cm). These can make for separate artworks each of them or one artwork made of several plates. All artworks will be judged separatly. Multipart artworks will be considered as one artwork. Several LEGO tiles may not be sticked or connected permanently to each other.

Topic of artworks:
The motif should be related to LEGO, for example scenes from the LEGO movies or LEGO promotion (Ninjago, Friends etc.), painting of LEGO buildings and bricks, also in other contexts or adaption of famous artworks to the LEGO topic.

Painting period:
End of June to mid of August 2019

Contest / Voting:
The three best artworks will chosen during a public voting in September/October. These will take place:

Presentation of the model:
Modell-Hobby-Spiel 2019 as well as further national and international LEGO exhibitions, i.e. Skaerbaek Fan weekend in Denmark (largest fan meeting with 800 participants from 30 countries), reports in toy, modeling and further magazines. Photos will be available here from end of September 2019.

Prizes for the best artists:
1st prize: Voucher for a „Build an Airbrush airbrush device, sponsored by Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush
2nd prize: 50 Euro shopping voucher for Tropical Airbrush Store
3rd prize: 30 Euro shopping voucher for Airbrush-City Store
Counting of votes, notification of winners and shipping of prizes previously from November 2019

Date of information: Sept. 10, 2019