Airbrush meets Lego: Association launches members‘ contest

After the coffeetable book „Airbrush-Portfolio“ and the „Airbrush Expo Leipzig“, the European Airbrush Association has now launched a new members‘ project: In cooperation with the Lego modelling association LBrick from Leipzig / Germany, a museum building will be established in which an exhibition of airbrush artworks painted by the members will be shown. The artworks will be airbrushed on flat Lego plates. All artworks will be included in a contest featuring a public voting. The project, the artworks and the artists will be featured at the Lego headquarter in Billund / Denmark, at Modell-Hobby-Spiel show in Leipzig, at further exhibitions, in Airbrush Step by Step magazine as well as through other media.

Artists can apply for the project / contest until June 15 through the website of Airbrush-Fachverband. To participate, it is of course possible to become a member shortly.

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