Createx and Iwata help with choosing the right airbrush and paint

“Five ways to spray” – this is the name of the new marketing concept from the Japanese airbrush manufacturer Iwata. The company is taking the difficult, but particularly helpful step for beginners, to classify it ́s own airbrush assortment in a user friendly way. The goal here is to give those inte- rested in airbrushes a good look at the characteristics and advantages of every individual unit of the over 30 airbrush models, thus simplifying the selection for his and her indivi- dual needs. You may be familiar with similar systems from the world of sports, where i.e. a tennis racket would differ from a scale according to its quickness or precision.

As a consequence, Iwata has not only placed its new concept into info brochures, but also right on the new packaging for its devices. To make things easier, every device category is linked to a certain color.

As part of the development of their concept, Iwata joined together with the paint manufacturer Createx Colors so that parallel to allocating the devices in categories, recom- mendations for their paint application could be established. Which paint is best sprayed with which device? Createx also provides an overview, which allocates the various Createx paints – from Classic to Wicked to Illustration Colors to Auto Air and up to Candy2O, etc. – to the various Iwata classes.