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Become a member of the Airbrush-Fachverband e.V.

Is your business part of the airbrush sector in a narrower or wider sense?

Then, you should become a full member or a corresponding member of the European airbrush association, Airbrush-Fachverband e.V.


As a private person, a sole proprietorship, business partnership or an incorporated company, you manufacture or distribute products relevant or auxiliary to airbrushing, you provide seminars in airbrushing techniques or you are just implementing the airbrush.

Advantages for members

Membership folder „Do you feel passionate about airbrushing?“

Association Articles (PDF)

Members‘ Contribution Rules (PDF)

Membership Application Form (PDF)

Every member groups himself to one of the four sectors “Industry”, “Trade”, “Training centres/seminar provider” or „Artist“ by self-disclosure. In the first three of the mentioned fields, your business is commercial and a main activity as well as driven according to entrepreneurial principles. Membership Application Form (PDF)

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Membership Application Airbrush-Fachverband e.V.


I/We apply for a membership at Airbrush-Fachverband e.V. as Full Member

Please note the conditions for a full membership according to the Articles §3 subs. 2 as well as the advices in the members’ contribution rules.


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    Please mark the contribution class which applies to your company / your airbrushing activities (annual turnover net (press. year))*

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    Illustration/Fine ArtCustom/Automotive PaintingMural / Wall paintingAirbrushing T-ShirtsScale ModelingBodypainting/TattooMake-upNail ArtPastryvarious

    Final declaration: I/We apply to the conditions required by the Articles of Association for a membership at Airbrush- Fachverband e.V. I/We accept the Articles of Association as well as the Members’ Contribution Rules in their latest versions. The Articles of Association and the Members’ Contribution Rules can be considered on the association’s website by me/us at any time. If requested, I/we can also get a printed copy of the Articles of Association as well as of the Members’ Contribution Rules.