New art advisory board to set quality standards

An art advisory board is to ensure the artistic quality in the airbrush association in the future. This was decided by the general meeting of the association in November 2019. Its tasks include, above all, the evaluation of membership applications as well as the selection and decision-making in artistic matters, e.g. in competitions, exhibitions, book projects and similar activities of the association. The Art Advisory Board consists of the first chairman and two other members elected by the General Assembly of Members for a period of two years. In addition to the first chairman Roland Kuck, the Berlin artist Marcus Eisenhuth and Roger Hassler, editor-in-chief of „Airbrush Step by Step“ magazine, were elected to the first art advisory board.

The founding of the Art Advisory Board is also accompanied by the introduction of a quality check when professional artists join the association. According to the general meeting, the presentation and awarding of a „professional“ artist in particular requires a certain quality standard in order to increase the confidence of potential clients in the professional association and its members. On the other hand, professional artists in particular will then benefit from an increased value of their membership in the airbrush professional association as well as a higher recognition, e.g. by institutions such as the artists‘ social security fund.

The changes will probably not come into force until the end of January, when the new association statutes come into force. You will find information on this here on this website in due course.