Tasks/Services for everyone being interested in airbrushing

The Airbrush-Fachverband e.V. offers a variety of services to any groups and individuals being interested in airbrushing.


For airbrush users and people being interested:

  • Assistance during the search for competent airbrush retailers and seminar providers
  • Provision of information on the subject of airbrushing
  • Sponsoring of and participation in fairs, events, exhibitions and competitions
  • Spreading the word about airbrushing to bring the airbrush technique to public notice and eliminate prejudices and misinformation


For industry and trade:

  • Forwarding of enquiries regarding cooperations and initial business contacts
  • Provision of information on the topic of airbrushing
  • Pointing out of potential areas of application of the airbrush technique in various fields


For journalists:

  • Provision of information and images as well as topic suggestions on the subject of airbrushing
  • Arranging for interview partners and protagonists