The Board

The board of the Airbrush-Fachverband e.V.

The board, that is authorised to represent the association, is composed of a first and second chairman as well as a treasurer. Additional co- chairmen can be voted into the extended board. The board’s mandate is two years. Furthermore, it is conditional for the board’s constellation, that the board members cover two of the three branches industry, trade or training centres/ seminar providers.

1. Chairman: Jörg Warzyceck.  Createx GmbH, Kaltenkirchen / Germany (Industry)

2. Chairman: Eckard Züge.  Airbrush-City GmbH, Bad Bodenteich / Germany (Trade)

Co-Chairman: Roger Hassler. newart medien & design GbR, Hamburg / Germany (Industry)

Treasurer: Eckard Züge, provisional